Club Update

6 April 2021

We are now able to schedule Fencing for Under 18s from Friday 16 April at the Slough Sabha Singh Sports Centre. 

We will continue to adhere to British Fencing guidelines.  

Timings will be as before during earlier phases of the Covid pandemic - i.e. 6-8PM. 

All persons should arrive in their club kit. 

All persons will have to book via the Club Event App - which can be downloaded / installed on Windows / Android or Apple / IOS devices.  See this link   

The Salle Eton team are currently updating the Club Event calendar for the Summer term to support the online bookings.

It is likely that Adult fencing will be starting from Monday 17th May, but this is dependent on formal approval from the Government.  Keep checkings with Facebook and this website for further updates.


Club Update

Update 25 March 2021

 The BFA have finally released updated Club guidance.  See here: 


The notice outlines the provisions for starting sport Fencing outdoors, for all age groups.  Some key points:

 -  Bubble size / limits will likely to be 15 and the coaches giving lessons count as part of those bubbles. Realistically we can have 13 children in one bubble, per session, if the coaches give 1-to-1 lessons.

 - If we have the space we may be able to operate more than one bubble. So we could have 2 bubbles of 10 for example including a coach in each. 

 - Social distancing when not fencing will stay in place. Along with all the other mitigation protocols that we had in place before.

Currently the provisional dates for the return of Fencing for Salle Eton are:

29th March – Organised outdoor activity and 1-to-1 lessons - in private gardens

12th April – Organised indoor junior sport returns at SSSC.

17th May – organised adult indoor sport returns at SSSC

These dates are provisional and could change.  Keep checking the website and our Facebook pages.


Club Update

Update 4 January 2021

As you are all aware - I hope - Slough and the whole of the South East is now in Tier 4.  On this basis, and with the available advice and guidance from British Fencing the operation of the club is as follows:

 - There will be no fencing for adults for the time being until Slough moves back to Tier 2 or the restrictions are lifted

 - There will be no fencing for children for the time being until Slough moves back to Tier 3 or the restrictions are lifted

  - There will be no Adult and / or Children beginners classes running in January - March 2021.  Any such classes will only be possible once the restriction are revised or lifted.  Currently classes are not likely to restart until after Easter, and may be delayed until later in the year, depending on the restriction in place after Easter.

The good news is that with the various vaccines roll out, in 1-2 months time there may be a possible relaxation of the restrictions, and the club may be able to restart, in full or only for children, either just before - but most likely - after Easter.

We will continue to review the situation monthly, as guided by British Fencing.

Please check back regularly to the website for further updates.


Club Update

Update 4 December 2020

With the recent end of the 2nd National Lockdown on 2nd December, Slough - and hence Salle Eton - has been placed in Tier 3.

Whilst this means under 18 Fencing sessions can restart,  regrettably this also means that for the present there can be no Adult Fencing sessions on Monday nights.  The Government has advised they will review the Tier system on 16 December. 

The club has now re-started the Friday night under 18 Fencing Club sessions.  These will run from 6-8 PM on the following Fridays - 4th, 11th and 18th December.  Please note the revised start / end times!

Please arrive in your fencing kit and with water bottle, hand sanitiser and face mask.  

We will restart the 2021 Friday club night sessions from 8th January. 

We do not plan to restart the Adult Monday night club sessions until (provisionally) 11th January 2021 at the earliest, if permitted, and this will be dependent on the Government review of 16th December, consequent Tier changes, and any revised advice from British Fencing. 

Please check back regularly for further updates.


Club Update

Update 27 July 2020

Well, it’s finally happened – Salle Eton is re-opening! Our first session will be next Monday, 3rd August, from 7-9 pm, and will be open to both senior and junior fencers. We are planning to run similar sessions on each Monday in August, prior to hopefully a full re-opening of both weekly sessions in September. (We may or may not meet on the August bank holiday, watch the Facebook page for further details.)

However, it will unfortunately NOT be business as usual. We are constrained to follow the guidelines for re-opening from British Fencing, which are in turn approved by the government. Therefore, the way we do things will be quite different for a while to come (how long, nobody knows).

Our new rules for running sessions are explained in the attached document. Please read it carefully and let James or myself know if you have any questions. It is a bit daunting (for us too!) and I’m sure we will modify things as we see how it all goes. Among the most important points to note are:

  1. Numbers at each session will be limited to maintain the required distancing, so you need to book in advance using the ClubEvent app (see the rules for further instructions). We have quite a lot of space available but we reckon that our limit is about 18 people in total per session.

  2. Parents will not be able to stay in the venue during the session to allow us room for as many fencers as possible. We’ll meet you separately outside the sports centre for discussions and to answer any questions.

  3. Fencers must bring their own face covering (which must be worn at all times) and hand sanitizer, and a full bottle of water large enough to last the session.

  4. Bring your own fencing kit if you have it – ideally everyone should have a mask and glove at the very least. If you don’t have this then come anyway and we will discuss this with you/your parents further.

Note that, for the first few weeks at least, everyone will be expected to do an extensive group warm-up with footwork and conditioning for the first half of the session (led by the coaches) to make sure that no injuries will be sustained when the serious business of fencing begins.

We are also asking everyone to confirm their contact details again please – this is needed so that we can trace anyone who attended a particular session. So please complete the attached form and return it to Rob via email or at the sessions.

Once we have found our feet I will be in touch again regarding the situation with payments of club fees. For those who were on our beginner courses when we shut down, we’ll give more details on this in September, but for now please feel free to come and get some exercise if you want to. One-to-one lessons may be rather limited at first however.

We believe that one of the club parents is considering setting up a WhatsApp group – let us know if you are interested in joining this and we will let you know more details when we have them.

Finally, we will be taking things gradually to find out what works and what doesn’t, but whatever we get up to, it will be great to see everyone again and we’ll make sure it is fun. Obviously, only come if you feel comfortable doing so, but hopefully the information here will assure you that we are doing all we can to minimise the risks.


Club Update

Update 1 April 2020

In the current lockdown, the club is not meeting on its normally scheduled Mondays and Fridays at the Sabha Singh Sport Centre Slough.  We are and will be guided by the UK Government and British Fencing as to when and how fencing can restart.

For the latest info please go to the club’s Facebook page here where there are regular updates -  

As required by British Fencing Association the Club has appointed a Covid 19 officer.  Currently this is James Roberts our head coach.  Any matters relating to Covid should be emailed to him in the first instance at

Club Management Committee


Salle Eton Covid-19 Documents

Forms & other Documents


Contact Details Form

To comply with Government guidelines all club members and visitors must provide full contact details - including age if under 18.

Salle Eton Covid 19 Rules

This document details the rules all club members and visitors must comply with.  It is based on the British Fencing guidance and complies with the latest government guidelines for Sport.

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