Club Management

Salle Eton is a non-profit making organisation, defined by its constitution, governed by its members, and managed through a Management Committee of elected officers. 

The Management Committee manage the routine operations of the club - booking the club's venue, recruiting coaches, managing club kit and equipment and so on. 

The Management Committee report to the club members at the club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is normally held in November or December for the (re)election of the officers,  to review the financial position of the club, and to set goals, initiatives, or objectives for the coming year.

Currently the membership of the Management Committee is as follows:

Chairman - James Roberts (Head Coach)

Vice Chairman (and Website Admin) -  William Parker

Treasurer - Robert Pallant

Secretary - Julia Arne

Welfare  - Rachel Badman

Ex Officio Antonio Frulio (Coach)

Ex Officio Jacky Faulkner (Coach)