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Important news or other announcements will be placed here as and when required

2023 / 24

Winter Term

Friday 8th September is the first day of term for Salle Eton.

Last day of term is Friday 15th December.

There is no fencing on Wednesday 25th, Friday 27th and Saturday 28th October (half term)


Gold for Ashley

Excellent result for Ashley at the Newham Sword competition. Salle Eton's foilist got a gold medal in the U14s girls.

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-08 at 15.46.58.jpeg

Club merger from 1st August 2023

Salle Eton Fencing Club has reached a point where the work of our wonderful volunteers is not enough to continue in the way we have done it so far. The increasing number of children and adults joining the club, the increasing number of competitions and all the new challenges the club is facing are too much for our amazing group of volunteers who have decided to ask for the help of us at Luso International Fencing. So from the 1st of August Salle Eton Fencing Club has merged with Luso International Fencing Ltd. What does this change for you? Not much, to be honest. From now on all payments will go through Luso and all fencers will have access to multiple sessions during the week. For British Fencing you will still fence and represent Salle Eton Fencing Club. James and Antonio will still be head coaches and Catarina will join us in teaching the under 12s. We invite you to check Salle Eton's website frequently, as updated information will be placed there as well as on Luso's website - There are two more big changes we would like to share with you. Firstly,regarding all the under 12s. From September all children will switch to fencing epee. There are many reasons behind this choice and if you would like to know more please ask James or Antonio. Secondly, we would like the Friday session to become an under 12s exclusive session. This means that everyone aged 12+ should join our other sessions in Maidenhead. All fencers aged 12+ can continue with foil if they prefer, or they can switch to epee as well. We realise this is not ideal for everyone and we are happy to discuss every single case. Fencing Schedule The new structured fencing sessions schedule now looks like this: Monday – from 7.00 to 9.30pm – over 12s – foil, epee, sabre - Maidenhead Wednesday – from 5.30 to 7.30pm – under 12s – epee - Maidenhead Wednesday – from 7.o0 to 9.30pm - over 12s – foil, epee, sabre - Maidenhead Friday – from 6 to 8pm – under 12s – epee - Slough Saturday – from 10am to 12pm – under and over 12s – epee – Maidenhead The venue in Maidenhead is Altwood School. All sessions will be in the main hall, you access through the first or second green gate on the left side of the main parking lot. The venue in Slough all sessions will be at the Singh Sabha Sports Centre. Fencer Options If you are under 12, now you can choose between three different sessions every week (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday). If you are over 12, you have two sessions to choose from (Monday, Wednesday). If you do epee and you are over 12, you can also choose Saturday morning. Club Memberships and Fees Club memberships have also changed. From now on we cannot accept cash or cheque payments anymore. We can accept BACS payments or payments via our website. For under 12s the way it works is very easy: 1. create an account on Salle Eton's website 2. Once the account is approved, you can purchase the membership you prefer. For over 12s, it is slightly different: 1. create an account on Luso International Fencing's website - 2. Once the account is approved, you can purchase the membership you prefer. Club memberships are charged per month for 10 months. Half terms and holidays have been taken into consideration. Siblings have a 10% discount on the chosen club membership. There is no Fencing in August. Any queries must be directed to Antonio. You can email via the Salle Eton email account or that of Luso International Fencing Ltd -, on the Luso website -

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