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Club History

Originally the club was called Salle 64 and it ran its club session at Slough College, under the supervision of Prof. Henry Porter. The year was 1964 and since then the club has changed its location several times, including many years at Eton College, starting in 1982. At that time the club name was changed to Salle D'Escrime Eton, or Salle Eton for short.

From 2013 the club is based in the Singh Sabha Slough Sports Centre, in Stoke Poges lane. The club used to offer tuitions in all three weapons, but starting from September 2023 the head coaches decided to teach epee only with a long term project of reintroducing foil in the future.

Salle Eton was the first club to take part in the Leon Paul Junior Series, in 1986. Until 2015, Salle Eton was also running a key adult competition, the Slough Open.

Salle Eton members also initiated one of the key adult regional fencing competitions – the Slough Open – which ran for many years until 2015, when the club celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Many regional and national champions have started their fencing career at Salle Eton and we would like to remember Alistair Gerard, Tom Bennett, Nicole Abdul, Rachel Gowers, Esther Kulmey, Katie Perrott, Paul Dazeley and our current head coach, James Roberts.

In 2020 James Roberts and Antonio Frulio became head coaches and for the next three years they created many connections between Eton and Luso International Fencing, their club based in Maidenhead.

After a long time spent working on a bigger project, in 2022 Salle Eton adult session became a joint fencing session with Luso and finally in 2023 Eton joined forces with Luso to offer a comprehensive, bigger and more competitive experience to all its members.

Now all Eton members have access to both Luso's and Eton's training sessions with a single club membership. While the Salle Eton identity is still strong, this has allowed an easier way for the club to be administered and it has created a stronger, more competitive reality inside Southern Region and England Fencing.

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